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Learn ChiRunning & ChiWalking during a Pandemic: Online Options

Laptop with ChiRunning Essentials online course on the screen

With much of the world still shut down due to the pandemic, it’s caused ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructors to get a bit creative! Since group gatherings are limited, we designed virtual/online courses to share the techniques. 

The oncoming Leadership Team worked with Danny and Katherine to develop a content delivery strategy so walkers and runners alike can still learn the form techniques that aim to improve efficiency and keep them safe from injury. 

Danny was 5 months into an Instructor Training when COVID hit and he had to transition to 100% online teaching. What he realized was that these instructor candidates learned and absorbed the material in a very deep and thorough way. We took that lead and developed the first virtual course for Runners.

In October 2020, the first online program, ChiRunning Essentials Level I rolled out as a beta test. The 6 Week Course was a hit. With 80 Enrollees, the feedback was positive. The community discussion was robust and the weekly virtual instruction with ample Q & A rounded out the experience. 

Here’s what a few of them had to say about their online experience: 

“The instructors presented useful information. They are professional, patient and articulate. They were always available if further explanations or demonstrations were needed. They made sure everyone felt included. I believe their support, encouragement and advice created a welcoming environment.” ~Loretta

“The daily worksheet worked well as it helped me plan my focuses and then consider if I was making progress with the form focuses. Also, being able to address questions to a certified instructor was a bonus.” ~Randall

“I liked everything about this course! I liked that the focuses were broken down and given out once a week. Having just a few things to practice made it easier and gave my runs a new purpose.” ~Sarah

A few of the benefits for online learning include: 

  • Convenience: You can complete the modules whenever you have time. You can wear what you want, show up when you can, and work the lessons when they fit in during your day.
  • Longevity: Because you have access to the course forever, you will be able to refer back to each of the lessons when you need them. You can watch them as many times as it takes to get the concept automated. 
  • Modalities: There are various ways to interact with the weekly lessons. You could read the content, watch the content on videos and be coached on the content during the virtual calls. No matter what your learning style is, the online course has you covered.
  • Community: When enrolled in an online course, you get immediate access to the ChiRunning/ChiWalking online community. This group of over 900 people continually share tips, tricks, stories, and encouragement with others. It’s been a great “gathering space” while races and group runs are on hiatus. 

We know that learning in person is, and always will be the ideal, especially given the physical nature of the content. However, we are excited to be able to continue offering high-quality instruction and develop meaningful relationships with our fellow walkers and runners during a challenging time. 

Individual Instructors are also equipped with tools to help you learn online. Zoom has been an extremely useful tool and allows an instructor to get a visual on your body and alignment and with the Video Analysis, your Instructor can get their eyes on your form regularly. If 

Keep an eye out for the Online ChiWalking Course that will begin at the end of April. If you’re interested in getting on the wait-list, click the link below. You’ll be the first to know the details and get a discount when you register! 

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