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Rock Your Next Race

ChiRunning Training Programs are different from other training plans because they are not just mileage charts with what type of run to do on each day. ChiRunning Training Programs are technique-based, designed to give you the tools to cross your finish line feeling strong and sound in your body.

When you follow a ChiRunning Training Program, you are ensuring that your training and event will be an injury-free and life-enhancing experience. Whether it’s a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon, we’ve got you covered. Each week of your training you will be honing your technique with specific form focuses and building physical and mental strength to cover your chosen distance.

5K Race Training

Run your first, or hundredth, 5K with renewed self-confidence as you learn how to move your body efficiently while staying sound throughout your training.

The focus on technique, while you gradually increase your mileage, will allow you to build upon your body's strength and grow stronger and faster over time.

10K Race Training

Grow your 10K toolkit with a technique based training plan. Beginners can safely increase your mileage while learning to align and relax your body for a feel-good experience.

Experienced runners can improve your performance with the 10K Intermediate program. This prepares you physically and mentally for race day to you the best results.

Half Marathon Race Training

Show up as your best self. Whether you’re going for your first Half or a faster Half, we’ll get you to the start line and the finish line in your best shape ever.

The 10K training programs are packed with technique lessons, conditioning workouts, fueling and hydration tips, and everything else you’ll need for the best Half ever!

Marathon Race Training

Experience a life changing milestone. The Marathon Programs include top-notch injury-free technique training, physical conditioning, and race-specific training in the lead-up to your marathon. It’s the best insurance policy there is.

Our goal for you is to not only succeed, but to stay injury-free from the start of your training through the finish line of your marathon.

Find Your Training Plan

Our technique-based training programs take the pounding, pain and injury out of training by combining low-impact technique with great training workouts to fit your running needs.

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Enjoy proven success with the ChiRunning Training Triad: technique, conditioning, and performance.

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