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Get the Best of ChiWalking & ChiRunning

What makes ChiRunning’s training different from virtually every other training program is the focus on creating a pain-free experience through technique. We know forced physical effort while training is risky and may cost you your race. So we teach deep, healthy conditioning of the mind and body that leads you to successful finishes time and again. If you’d like to run multiple distance events in a season, it is important to focus on technique and conditioning, developed from training regularly and mindfully.

Training is just as important for beginners as it is for seasoned racers. Conditioning your body and mind for your personal best is as easy as following one of our training plans.

Build a Solid Base

The Technique Phase teaches you how to build upon your body's strength with the building blocks of good technique

Specific form focuses keep you relaxed and efficient while running. Once your technique is honed, you’ll be able to run any distance, at any speed, and enjoy running for as many years as you choose to do so.

Condition Your Mind & Body

The Conditioning Phase trains your mind and your body to work together as a team to create optimal results.

During this phase, you’ll condition yourself to hold and consistently apply the basic skills of the technique over longer and longer distances. The physical efficiency and focused mindset build the conditions for feel-good running.

Train for Your Next Race

The Master Phase gives you confidence from rehearsing your race before you even step up to the start line. Manage your energy for speed without overstressing your body.

You’ll easily adapt the form focuses to the specific details of your event. You’ll be optimally prepared to handle all of the challenges that could possibly be thrown at you on race day.

Bring Chi into your life

Rock Your Next Marathon

Learn the ChiRunning technique while you train to run farther and faster with less effort.

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel at the starting line, after having top-notch injury-free technique training, physical conditioning, and race-specific training in the lead-up to your marathon.

Run your best half/full marathon yet!

Woman celebrates after finishing marathon using ChiRunning technique
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We’ve set a new bar for conditioning that comes from keeping your mind focused and getting your body in great shape.

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