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Interested in Becoming a Certified ChiWalking Instructor?

Help individuals and organizations take charge of their health! Teaching ChiWalking gives you the tools to empower yourself and others through mindful, injury-free fitness. Join our team of 200+ Instructors today.

This virtual program means you can join from anywhere in the world by video conference on Zoom.

Learn from an Experienced Master Instructor of Your Choosing

Learn ChiWalking in an organized and comprehensive way. Each class is designed to allow Instructor Candidates time to ask questions, practice teaching lessons, and engage in learning new form focus lessons.

Gain Confidence as an Instructor

Build your confidence as an instructor through discussions, teaching, and profound self-reflection. The high integrity of the course is designed to help you succeed and feel comfortable with the content so teaching becomes straightforward and something you enjoy. You get to help other walkers become part of the ChiFamily!

Transform your Walking Practice

Bi-Weekly lessons allow you time to integrate the ChiWalking Technique into your body. Danny will be available to critique your technique and provide valuable insight. Practice will make your walking more efficient while reducing injuries. The more efficiently you move, the more passionate you will become as a teacher and as a walker. Grow your toolbox for injury prevention!

Build a Business that Fits Your Lifestyle

Whether starting a new business or adding another modality to your existing business, the ChiTeam will be available to guide your every step. Help a few people or hundreds of people a year is totally up to you! Once you meet the certification and licensing requirements, you have the freedom to create the business of your dreams and get support each step of the way. Join the ChiTeam!

Create Positive, Lasting Change for Others

You get to help others make walking a safe, effortless, and feel-good experience.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Instructor

Enrollment Information

To become a Certified ChiWalking Instructor you being as a ChiWalking Instructor Candidate. You must pass our complete certification process to become a Certified ChiWalking Instructor.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are allowed up to 30 days prior to the final registration date for a full refund minus the $125 cancellation fee. Refunds are not offered if you cancel within 30 days of the start of the online course but your investment can be used toward a future Instructor Training.

  • Submit payment
  • Complete the Candidate Application
  • Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Score 90% or higher on Online Quiz and a final exam.


Attend a three hour 1-on-1 live training session with a Master Instructor of your Choosing. This session will include:

  • A complete review of lessons and the ChiWalking Technique
  • Videotaping you teaching two random lessons and provide analysis of your teaching and ChiWalking technique

Complete 4 hours of pro-bono ChiWalking practice teaching


Submit proof of Professional Liability Insurance (If you don’t have this insurance, we recommend Sports Fitness Insurance)


Submit proof of basic CPR certification within the last year

To maintain Certification, all Instructors must keep current Professional Liability Insurance, be current with licensing fee payment, have a current contract / NDA on file with corporate, and complete a biennial Recertification process.


Instructors have the option to choose an Instructor Tier that meets their business plan.


Biennial Recertification includes assisting a Master Instructor at a workshop for evaluation of teaching and personal form. This ensures that each Instructor is up-to-date with current teaching methods and materials. A self-video analysis of the Instructor’s ChiWalking technique is also required.

Enroll Today

Training Starts September 24, 2024

Classes held Tuesdays 6:30-8pm ET

Weeks 1-5: Combined with ChiRunning Instructor Training

Week 6-8: ChiWalking Instructor Training Group only

As a Certified Instructor, you will receive the tools you need to succeed including the ChiWalking Book, Videos, and training manual — just to name a few things. Once certified, new instructors receive 6 months of Partner Tier benefits.

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