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Get in the Habit of Walking

There is so much more to walking than putting one foot in front of the other. Most walkers are not walking efficiently and use their legs for propulsion, which can lead to injury. ChiWalking teaches proper technique and offers 12 different types of walks to balance one’s energy and provide you a tool for personal transformation.

Lose and Manage Your Weight

Walking is one of the most effective ways to manage your weight at any age, and ChiWalking enhances the benefits of walking by teaching you how to improve your posture, walk faster, and make the most out of your walking practice. Connect with your body and rediscover the part of you that loves to move and be active.

Get Fit and Stay Healthy

A regular ChiWalking program helps you create a dynamic fitness routine that’ll get you moving and feeling better than ever. With the ChiWalking program you’ll be able to walk faster and farther with less effort. You’ll get fit and feel stronger and more centered with every workout.

Reduce Pain and Feel Better

Walking can truly be a lifesaver, and with the ChiWalking mind-body approach, the benefits are exponentially increased. Use the ChiWalking technique to reduce or eliminate knee pain, hip pain, and pain from arthritis.

Stay Active as You Age

Exercise safely and effectively with ChiWalking and don’t let aging slow you down. Keeping physically active is crucial for a healthy body and mind. ChiWalking combines walking and T’ai Chi to supercharge your healthy-aging fitness program.

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The right technique combined with daily practice


By integrating movement principles from the ancient martial art, T’ai Chi, with the activity of walking, ChiWalking creates a unique type of activity that equips you with safe and effective techniques to get healthy.

Walking for your health

Conditioning is all about toning your muscles and strengthening structurally weak areas in your body. When you run correctly you naturally strengthen the muscles that provide support while relaxing muscles no longer needed for propulsion.

Get Your Free Chapter of ChiWalking

Transform walking from a mundane means of locomotion into an intensely rewarding practice that delivers real results with ChiWalking!

What better place to start than chapter one of the ChiWalking book? It’s the perfect introduction to the techniques and principles that’ll have you loving your fitness walking program forever.

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