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Walk for Your Health

Conditioning is all about toning your muscles and strengthening structurally weak areas in your body. When you run correctly you naturally strengthen the muscles that provide support while relaxing muscles no longer needed for propulsion.

Whether you’re walking for weight loss, fitness, returning from an injury, or remaining active while aging, ChiWalking creates a foundation for healthy movement.

Walk Into Shape

ChiWalking takes the best inner focuses of T’ai Chi to turn your walking regimen into an extraordinary whole-body fitness practice. You’ll tone your body, burn fat, and focus your mind in every workout.

Walking is the most common form of exercise in the world. And now you can elevate your walking from a routine activity, to a multi-level fitness practice with ChiWalking!

Age Actively with ChiWalking

The many studies on the benefits of walking all concur: Walking is nothing short of a miracle drug for creating and maintaining good health (if done consistently).

Keeping physically active is crucial for a healthy body and mind. ChiWalking combines walking and T’ai Chi to supercharge your healthy-aging fitness program.

Walk the Pounds Away

Walking is the number one recommended fitness program in the world. Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight with ChiWalking.

ChiWalking is the graceful, pain-free way to get fit, connect with your body and rediscover the part of you that loves to move and be active. A regular ChiWalking program combined with a nutrient rich diet will help you release excess weight, improve your health, and calm and nourish your mind and spirit.

Bring Chi into your life

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Whether you want to begin fitness walking or start walking as a lead-in to running, ChiWalking helps you create a mindful, healthy walking practice to stay fit at any age.

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