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Improve Your Running Skills

Forced physical effort while training is risky and may cost you a race entry. Deep, healthy conditioning of the mind and body leads you to successful finishes time and again. If you’d like to run multiple distance events in a season, and improve your performance, it is important to condition your mind and body using a technique that protects your body and builds your confidence.

Performance relates to how you show up for your training and for your events and whether or not you achieve your goals. If you sustain an injury, it will interrupt your training and can negatively impact your mindset towards running and your physical abilities. Staying sound and building mental stamina from body sensing will keep you off the sidelines and performing your best.

Improve Through Perpetual Movement

ChiRunning is designed to bring you into a perpetual discovery process.

When you improve your running technique, you can create greater speed with less effort, higher mileage with less recovery time, and the ability to instantly respond well to any challenge.

We believe the performance of runners should be judged on the diligence of their practice and dedication to improve their running skills, rather than their speed.

Develop Mindful Skills to Improve Performance

The Chi approach to training is so much more than a training plan.

You learn to pay attention, body sensing, and develop mental focus. Your performance will improve as you become strategically aware, adaptable to changing conditions, persistent in your efforts, and relaxed in both mind and body.

These skills, while consistently monitoring your body’s limits – all play a role in creating your peak performance.

Focus on More Than the Medal

Medals are great, we know. But we want you to walk away from each event with even more.

Your Chi training will keep you safe from impact and overuse injuries, keeping your recovery time to a minimum. Your mental and psychological readiness will keep you on top of your game from start to finish.

This doesn’t just take event training to a whole new level, but in a different direction altogether. We guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

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