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Learn Better Technique From The Ground Up

The two causes of running injuries are impact and overuse. Impact affects your joints – from hitting the ground too hard as you run. Overuse injuries happen in your muscles when you demand more from them than they can deliver.

There is good news: Both of these types of injuries can be avoided by improving your running technique. Once your body mechanics are aligned and you put the Chi Principles to practice, overuse and impact injuries become a thing of the past. 

ChiRunning is based on a centuries-old principle from T’ai Chi: shift your workload to the core muscles. This allows your leg muscles to do less, and the lower leg muscles to do almost nothing.

Run with Built-In Efficiency

In T’ai Chi all movement is based on having a strong core, relaxation in your muscles and mobility in your joints. These three themes go perfectly with running. In order to create easy, fluid, and faster movement, the entire body needs to be supple and relaxed. Any held tension restricts your ability to run easily and economically.

But, true relaxation can’t happen without a strong core supporting all your movement. We’ll show you how to use your core more, so you can rely on your legs less. Now, that’s efficiency!

Take the Workload off Your Legs

A T’ai Chi principle we love is shift your workload to your core and relax everything else. This allows your legs to relax and do less, and your lower legs and feet to do almost nothing. Most runners do just the opposite; pushing with their feet and toes, while neglecting the abundance of power in their core. That’s not only a formula for fatigue, it’s why over 85% of all running injuries occur in the lower legs!

We’ll show you how to run without ever over-working your legs, so you can reduce your injury rate to zero.

Relax Your Movement for Efficiency

It might sound counter-intuitive, but running with your legs relaxed is the secret to efficiency, endurance and speed. When you learn how to use gravity to assist your running, your legs will feel like they took the day off.

This is only one of the secrets to making all your runs pain-free and easy… and fun!

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If you want to run your first 5K or get a personal best at a marathon, the best place to begin is with good running technique.

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