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Add More Chi to Your Life

Chi Living - a higher quality of life filled with health and wellness is the goal
> Let Chi be your path.

Improve your running form to prevent injuries while creating a mindful  practice you want to maintain and becomes a way of life.

Ground yourself in healthy movement. Learn to walk safely and efficiently while  improving your overall health and manage stress.

Use the movement principles of ChiWalking and ChiRunning to cultivate and lead an energized, fulfilling life.

Bring Chi into your life

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Learn what makes ChiWalking & ChiRunning different and start incorporating both into your fitness routine.

Elderly couple running together on path in the woods

Running After Sixty: The How & Why

I’ve been running since 1971. That was the year when this 21-year-old Colorado boy got drafted and sent away to boot camp in California. As I entered the Army I started running to maintain some ...
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Man running on pavement alongside water

Lactic Acid & The Key to Fresh Legs

The word “lactic acid” seems to strike fear in the hearts of most runners. It’s gotten so much hype in running articles we’re led to believe it’s like drinking poison. So, let’s put some of ...
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Runner bending to rub sore knee

How to Prevent Knee Pain from Running

There’s a reason why knee pain is often referred to as “Runner’s Knee.” Current statistics report that 30 – 50% of all runners get knee pain from running every year. That’s a pretty high number, and ...
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Metronome with LED display

The Quickest Way to Improve Your Running with a Metronome

Your heart beat, your breath rate, your love for dancing, are all based on rhythms in your body or rhythms that you’ve established in your life. The more rhythms you establish, the better your body ...
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Two runners feet with colorful running shoes

10 Tips to Keep Your Legs Fresh and Healthy for Your Next Run

Treat your legs well between runs to gain more enjoyment from your workouts, increase performance, and speed up recovery time...

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