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Live Mindfully with Chi

ChiLiving helps you feel clear, open and relaxed not just when you run or walk, but all day long.

ChiLiving is the practice of mindful movement, listening to your body, and making thoughtful and healthy choices to live a higher quality of life. Our blog and success stories will help you discover how to live a life of meaning and purpose while answering your body’s call for regular movement. Awaken the rich inner connection with yourself that is possible when you:

Get aligned with your values, habits, actions and desires

Engage your core and tap into the natural strength of your body

Create balance between your physical, mental and spiritual needs

Move forward toward your highest quality of life

Learn More About Embodying Your Chi

ChiLiving is based on the principles of T’ai Chi which stresses the natural balance of all things which creates the conditions for energy to flow.


Move well and live your best life possible with informative content curated for every level, from beginners to experienced athletes.

Success Stories

See what your fellow community members have to say about their lives since incorporating ChiWalking, ChiRunning, and ChiLiving.

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Improve performance and decipher components of your technique that need to be corrected so you can run and walk injury free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover a wealth of knowledge about ChiRunning and ChiWalking so you can start incorporating the technique and principles in your life today.

Find an Instructor

Discover joy through movement, get personal support and guidance, and accomplish your fitness goals with a Certified ChiRunning or ChiWalking Instructor.

Find a Workshop

Learn the Chi techniques directly from Danny or one of our Certified Instructors and optimize your learning experience with our hands-on and personalized approach to instruction.

See What Others are Saying

Share Your ChiWalking, ChiRunning, and living your best ChiLife photos with us!

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