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Enjoy Running Like Never Before

Get into a healthy ChiRunning routine with the ChiRunning app- available for iPhones. The iPhone app will help you fast track your fitness with on-the-go guidance and create healthy and sustainable running program. Hone your technique as you:

Learn at Your Own Pace

Set your intention and run! You get to determine what you will focus on and pace the On-The-Run Coachingreminders to keep you moving with intention throughout your run.

Maintain a Consistent Cadence

Match your feet to the beat! A steady cadence is key to ease and efficiency. Use the built-in metronome to move your cadence to your ideal and maintain it for the rest of your runs.

Access Video Lessons

Review the form focuses with the "Quick Hit" videos designed to reinforce your foundation of ChiRunning. Continue to learn on the run and put the content into practice.

Design a Well-Rounded Run

Create your perfect run by starting with the body looseners, setting your intention & form focus reminders, cadence, and follow up with the post run stretches.

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Get on the fast track to great running with the ChiRunning App which includes video lessons and on-the-run audio coaching from Danny Dreyer, creator of ChiRunning, and a built-in metronome.

The ChiRunning App is currently available for iPhones only.

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