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Get Started with ChiRunning

Focus your mind. Strengthen your core. Run like the wind. Our mission is to help you run as efficiently and injury-free as possible so you can love running forever. With step-by-step lessons, you’ll learn to run efficiently, aligned and relaxed, while preventing injury. Use a ChiRunning approach and build confidence every step of the way.

Run Efficiently

Run smarter, not harder. Just like In T’ai Chi, movement comes from a strong core, relaxed muscles, and fluid mobility in your joints. Release any tension that restricts your ability to run easily and economically. Learn to let your technique efficiently move you from start to finish.

Run Aligned and Relaxed

It might sound counter-intuitive, but running with your legs relaxed is the secret to efficiency, endurance and speed. When you learn how to align your body and use gravity to assist your running, your run will feel effortless and your legs will feel like they took the day off.

Prevent Injury

When you shift your workload to your core, and learn to stop using your legs for propulsion, overuse and impact injuries become a thing of the past. ChiRunning shows you how to run without ever overworking your legs, so you can reduce your injury and have a feel-good practice.

Run With Confidence

Learn to move your body in a way that is aligned, efficient, relaxed, and prevents injury. When you move as your body is designed to move, you begin to feel good while running, and gain the confidence and know-how to run as often, as far, and potentially as fast as you’d like.

choose your starting point

Whether you’re new to running or new to ChiRunning, your world is about to change for the better.

walk to run

Starting to run can be intimidating, but we will teach you step by step how to transition from walking to running in our Chi Walk-Run Program. Let us set you up for success while dramatically lowering your risk of injury!

beginning & recovering runner

Whether you’re brand new to running, returning from an injury, or have the desire to remain active while aging, ChiRunning will help you build a solid foundation for healthy movement that can last a lifetime.

recreational runner

ChiRunning will help you run consistently by reducing injuries and decreasing recovery time. Reinvigorate your relationship with running to help you meet your  health, weight and stress management goals.

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