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ChiLife Coaching with Katherine Dreyer

Open and Grow into your Full Potential

“You do not need to seek the miraculous. You simply need to meet it, inside you.” 

– Katherine Dreyer

About your ChiLife Coach: Katherine Dreyer

Founder and co-author of ChiLiving, ChiRunning and ChiWalking books and programs, I am now doing what I love most: guiding those who seek more out of life to explore and discover what is possible.

Throughout my life I have delved ever more deeply into the inner practices of meditation, listening deeply to the body’s energies, nurturing relationships, and living life creatively and with wonder.

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Unlock Your Boundless Potential

Transform your life into one that you love! Focused Presence is the key that sets you free.

Create the BEST Conditions for Life to Flow

Water always finds its way by seeking the path of least resistance, and so can you! The roadblocks to moving forward in your life are not the problem, they are your guideposts. 

You will realize your dreams by working with blocks, not resisting them. 

Clear UNDERLYING Negative BELIEFS So you can Shine Bright


Releasing yourself from limiting beliefs frees your spirit and allows your own creative process to unfold, naturally. 

The ChiCoaching system gently gets to the root of what holds you back.


Together, we’ll dive into the deep where the waters are still and clear. 

I’ll guide you through a proven process to discover your own knowing, your own wisdom. 

DISLODGE SELF-SABOTAGING TENDENCIES​​ By Loving, Caring and appreciating yourself.

No one can love you like you can. And, we all need to learn how.

The first three steps are awareness, acceptance, and understanding. I will personally walk you through each step to a more rewarding life. 

Cultivate the confidence to enjoy life more than ever

Wake up looking forward to each and every day.

Experience the deep well-being of having clear direction, meaning and purpose.

About ChiLife Coaching:

ChiLife Coaching adapts the principles we use in ChiRunning and ChiWalking to bring positive change to your whole life. 

We’ll take the ChiSkills of Focusing, Non-identification, and Body Sensing, combine them with my Certified Coach  and mindful embodiment training, to cultivate your own inner wisdom. 

Whether you want to improve your health, make a career change, manage stress, improve relationships, or find more meaning, together, we’ll discover and practice the steps that will move you forward.

ChiLife Coaching will provide life skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.

What to expect in your free session: 

Your free 50-minute session is designed for you to get a feel for me, and for ChiLife Coaching. And, it’s an opportunity for you to share what you’d like to cultivate, change or work on in your life. 

You can easily book your free session by using my online scheduler. An email will immediately follow with all the details for your session.

In your intro session, we’ll give one of your challenges attention and begin to work through it as we would in our regular sessions. My goal is to give you an experience of the kind of consisten support and guidance you’ll get from me.  

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