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ChiLiving Founders Continue To Support New Leadership


Katherine and Danny Dreyer, co-founders of ChiLiving, which includes ChiWalking and ChiRunning, recently announced their retirement from the company. Over the past 20 years, Katherine and Danny have worked tirelessly to build the ChiWalking and ChiRunning brand. They entered retirement with an extensive resume of accomplishments. 

Katherine served as the business developer for the company and her strategies for publication, course creation, online content marketing and licensing allowed for global distribution of the technique. Danny, the creative thinker and Master of Intelligent Movement, shared effortlessly and taught the complex content in a way that was understandable to both runners and instructors. He traveled extensively to assure that new instructors were properly trained and maintaining the technique’s integrity. 

These exact skills are the ones that the new executive leadership team will continue to use and expand upon. Both Katherine and Danny have chosen to stay involved in a consultative role behind-the-scenes while moving away from the day-to-day operations and upkeep of the company.

Katherine Dreyer will use her well honed skills to develop ChiLiving and ChiLife Coaching, a passion she hasn’t been able to focus on until now. She looks forward to developing curriculum and training programs that focus on the creative process within personal and business growth. Katherine is delighted to have the time to immerse herself in all things related to health and wellness. 

Danny Dreyer continues to train regularly, body sense consistently, and approach all activities with curiosity, seeking each and every “ah-ha” moment. He looks forward to building upon his vast knowledge of Intelligent Movement and applying the principles to other forms of activities including ChiHiking, ChiWalking with poles, ChiCooking, etc. He is pleased to continue working with the new leadership team and looks forward to teaching again in the near future. 

Katherine and Danny will always be the co-founders of a technique that has transformed thousands of lives. Their contribution will live on through their written works, programs and certified instructors all over the world. In case you missed it, you can watch their retirement announcement.

The ChiTeam wishes Katherine and Danny well as they enjoy their much-deserved time off to pursue their newest passions and live out their robust and active lives. 

For added updates, tune in to next week’s blog!

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