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Life Transformed by ChiRunning

Wow, I feel so amazing after my run this morning! I used to HATE running, only put up with it because I love biking and swimming and tolerated running to do Triathlon.

I always used to finish in the bottom quartile running and this always took me out of the hunt for an age group trophy in triathlon because of my weak running.

Well I did 2 triathlons this summer and finished second in my age group in one and 3rd in my age group in the other! What a thrill to hear my name called out and go up and get my trophy. THANKS TO CHI RUNNING!

After watching the DVD for about a hundred times I finally was able to put into practice what I had been watching. This morning my legs felt so light and I ran effortlessly thanks to me focusing on my hip rotation and just relaxing enough to let my legs follow along for the ride! I felt like a rock star! My cadence was up where it should be and it was just effortless!

Hills used to KILL me, and I mean KILL me! Now the hills that I used to struggle so much with are BARELY noticed by me! Please read that again, this in not an exaggeration.

What’s even more exciting is that I have no pain and I get up every day looking forward to learning something new from my ChiRunning. I have had so many breakthroughs with my running this year it is really life transforming for me.

I have continued to improve my running this fall/ winter thanks to ChiRunning and learning to relax! I used to clench every muscle when I ran thinking this was what I had to do! Now just holding my column and focusing on my core rotation with right amount of lean for my gear, my legs have never felt lighter.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you. I am FOREVER indebted to Danny and ChiRunning, I hope that I can meet you one day and say thanks personally.

2nd email: In response to Danny Dreyer’s email to thank Dean for his story.

A real boost to get your email …
Even a year ago (and I’ve been following Chi for at least 4 years now and getting incremental benefits from it along the way), this was not possible for me, it was that hip thing and the legs coming along for the ride which just blew me away when I got in that groove and is my reason for writing. I really felt like I was running like you in the DVD, at least that’s what it felt anyway! What a pleasure and totally a 180 from my running my entire life up until now, having just turned 50 this year.
My background is basketball and I was so used to being tensed up all the time because of all the combat that goes on under the goal! Relaxing is totally new territory for me while running and it has dropped my power consumption by a huge margin and, wow, it has become a joy and something I look forward to every day!
Again, thank you for your email …


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