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A Physician Resolves Chronic Knee Pain

I have been competitively and recreationally running for 40 years. As was so well described in the ChiRunning book, I have been through the injury, strengthening, improvement, re-injury cycle so many times that I can’t count. Anyway, I have digested the book and DVD which I bought 2 weeks ago. It is amazing, but I […]

Best Book I Have Ever Read

Danny Dryer teaching ChiWalking to older man and woman

Hi, just want to let you know that this one of the best books I have ever read. It is very informative and very easy to follow. This book has made my running more enjoyable and pain free. I whish I would have read this book a long time ago. As I continue to practice […]

My First 42km Race in Manila

Bebette in Manila

I’m turning in my own finish line photo, if I may… Unfortunately, I’m not wearing a ChiRunning shirt (I don’t have one), I’m not smiling (I tried, in between catching my breath), and I don’t know if my form was intact at all– but I’m a happy Chi Runner just the same! My photo was […]

Calf Pain Gone with ChiRunning

Ron W

I wanted to take a minute to thank Danny and everyone involved at ChiRunning. On January 1st 2010 I limped off the Buckeye Trail in NE Ohio with another pulled calf muscle, I have to admit I was done running. I couldn’t take the rehab, get pretty strong and then a calf would go again. […]

My Chicago Marathon Experience


Hi Danny, Katherine and the Chi Team! I feel fortunate that Curt Munson, owner of Playmaker’s in Okemos, Michigan, introduced me to ChiRunning in 2006. I have considered myself a Chi Runner ever since; running injury free since then. I’m not sure I can express the depth of my sincerity when I say I am […]

ChiRunning the Ultrardeche in France

Group of elderly people ChiWalking with Danny Dreyer

You have never heard about Ardèche, this is a wild and wonderful area in the South of France…In the morning of the 12th day of May 2012, the first edition of the «Ultr’ardeche» began with 90 runners…Probably, the best French Ultra runners, most of which had (at least) run the Spartahlon (Greece 153 miles), the […]

Triathlete & Adventurer

Group of men after ChiRunning workshop

Katherine, I ran  2 miles this morning and my PEL (Perceived Effort Level) is so low compared to before I learned ChiRunning. Late in my run I was breathing totally through my nose at times, with mouth closed, and I was getting plenty of O2!  Very comfortable feeling. Today, I kept in mind your advice […]

An Immense Thanks

Danny Dreyer ChiRunning with a man and woman

I’m currently reading the ChiRunning book and adore it! I feel mentally improved already, and can feel subtle improvements each day I go running while keeping the Chi principles in mind and applying them to my form. I would love to attend one of your courses, but live in Rome, shucks! As soon as I’m […]

Cesar Pina

Group of men after ChiRunning workshop

I have bought both the book and DVD and have enjoyed the new feeling it has given my running. And I had been doing it for 60 years before! Keep up the good work.

ChiRunning Week at Omega 2011 Opened this Runner’s Eyes

Three women enjoying ChiRunning

Hello! Just a note to say how much I loved the week of the ChiRunning program at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY during August 2011. I am a new runner and trying to improve on my own was difficult. This week was an eye opener and the video pointed out things I could swear I didn’t […]

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