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Triathlete & Adventurer

I ran  2 miles this morning and my PEL (Perceived Effort Level) is so low compared to before I learned ChiRunning. Late in my run I was breathing totally through my nose at times, with mouth closed, and I was getting plenty of O2!  Very comfortable feeling.

Today, I kept in mind your advice about “gradual progress” and I kept my form for most of that time, with brief occasional lapses. But, each time I became conscious of struggle, I was able to refocus to my core and extend my run. In fact, I am a swimmer primarily, and a triathlete, and heard about you from Terry Laughlin’s Total Immersion book. I have the book, dvd, and metronome, and read and watch the dvd often.

I love learning the technique! It is a wonderful challenge, that is very rewarding. I don’t know why they never taught this to me growing up, it could have saved me tons of unnecessary pain and suffering.

Recently, I ran 6.4 miles with a friend. For the next 2 days he complained about sore quads. I had less of a running base than him and I had absolutely NO soreness the following day!!!

Your methods have helped me tremendously, and I look like a runner now! What a thrill for me.

Bless you and Danny and I really appreciate your answer to my question and your interest in my improvement.

Dean – Triathlete and Adventurer

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