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Thanks. I’ve had phenomenal results so far with using ideas from Born To Run…and then from ChiRunning. I should have read ChiRunning first.

I started getting my feet tuned up in Feb after discovering Born to Run…then advanced a bit too quick with barefoot running. The upside to that was I realized barefoot was not my problem…but poor running form was. Born to Run was not enough of a how to book to give me what I needed about running form. I read our copy of ChiRunning that I’d gotten for my wife a couple years ago and once thru it, I can “read” my shoes or other peoples and pretty much nail down where the problems are and how to fix them. In fact, my wife is an OT, but had some issues with her running form and is also using the racing flats to fix that problem quickly.

Today I ran my first race completely barefoot…placed first in my age group at that 5K. This was good as I rode a bike 22 miles to get there first. Also, after reading the suggested list of shoes for Chi Runners, I’m going 14 miles on the second run out in racing flats..and hoping to glide thru my second marathon in Sept.  All this new info has given me hope I can keep doing triathlons into my 60’s and beyond.

I’ll be 48 in late August. After having been a late bloomer of a kid who did no sports in middle or high school, it feels great to be able to run so well. My mom tells me they almost held me back in 2nd or 3rd grade because I couldn’t learn to skip! On August 22, I hope to complete my first half ironman distance triathlon, maybe I’ll skip over the finish line. :~)

Randy K.

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