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My First 42km Race in Manila

I’m turning in my own finish line photo, if I may…

Unfortunately, I’m not wearing a ChiRunning shirt (I don’t have one), I’m not smiling (I tried, in between catching my breath), and I don’t know if my form was intact at all–
but I’m a happy Chi Runner just the same!

My photo was taken last 2011 on my first ever 42km race here in Manila called the Skyway Marathon. I’m an easy runner, so my goal was to finish in 6 hours, 30 minutes.
You can zoom in to my watch and you’d see my finishtime – 5 hours, 40 minutes. Not bad for a turtle – I was shocked and very happy!

I had just came fresh out of a ChiRunning workshop some months before that (coached by Lit Onrubia, the only certified trainer here that time 2010), and I diligently tried to use all the Chirunning focuses (posture, lean, armswing, stride and cadence) I learned to practice by self-training (yes I practiced all by myself – lonely and tedious, but all worth it!) in my desire to run my first full distance. I even read Danny Dreyer’s book.

My experience was pretty surprising – I ran steadily and I didn’t have any painful post-race soreness or agony like most firsttimers, just a pinch here and there. I felt great generally, and firmly believed my ChiRunning habits must have worked for me. Thanks to Coach Lit and Danny Dreyer’s inspiration!

I intend to sign up for another full race late this year, and your newsletters and reminders always keep me motivated. Thanks and best regards!

Bebette A

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Bebette in Manila

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