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My Chicago Marathon Experience

Hi Danny, Katherine and the Chi Team!

I feel fortunate that Curt Munson, owner of Playmaker’s in Okemos, Michigan, introduced me to ChiRunning in 2006. I have considered myself a Chi Runner ever since; running injury free since then.

I’m not sure I can express the depth of my sincerity when I say I am a rabid Chi Runner 🙂 When I decided to run the 2012 Chicago Marathon, I decided to train using your Chi Marathon training program. The new book is awesome, and I have recommended it to many of my running friends.

The information contained in Chi Marathon is nothing short of magical. Every page, every chapter seemed to hit the mark. I understand much of the material was presented in the first book, but for some reason it all came together with greater clarity in Chi Marathon, and each week I found myself improving my form, my pace… and my enjoyment and confidence.

My Chicago Marathon experience on Oct. 7th was the best I could have hoped for. I am 62 years old, and ran my first marathon @ age 55. Since then I have run 25+ half marathons, many 5K’s and 2012 Chicago was my 5th marathon. Until Chicago, I have never been able to break 5 hours; nor finish my marathons feeling good. Since 2006 I have been obscessed with reaching my goal of “anything under 4:59:59”.

For Chicago I downloaded Podrunner music with a 180bpm tempo. The music kept me totally focused on form, lean, footstrike, relaxing, and conserving energy. I sailed to the finish feeling fresh in 4:54:56. I could have run further, and a little faster. I had minimal soreness post race, and comfortably ran 3 days later. I haven’t been able to wipe the smile of my face since. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. The ChiRunning technique is truly revolutionary, and I thank you for sharing it.

Cheryl H

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