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Letter to an Instructor Breakthrough Training Run after ChiRunning Session

Hi Laura,

I wanted to give you an update from our session.

I ran on the road for the first time since August 19 on Saturday. It was a long run and I did all 16 miles on the road, no dirt trails. I figured it was do or die for the ankle with only four weeks left till NYC.

I did all 16 miles and my ankle felt fine. My whole body felt pretty good. I was very pleased. A lot more work than the elliptical! Heart rate ran a little higher, but I felt comfortable. I ran all the miles with my metronome, kept checking in on posture, heel peeling, and arm swing. I also kept checking on my left foot. If something started to hurt, knee, ankle, arch, I made an adjustment and it went away. I played with the leaning. It was good.

I’m so grateful for your session. I don’t think I could have done this run, especially on the road, without it. I felt much lighter using the techniques. I’ve been practicing my posture constantly. I’m hoping to work with Ryan or Craig Jones every week till the marathon to keep tweaking and adjusting so I feel better and better.

Thanks again.
PS- Video was very helpful too. I’ve been doing the leg draining exercise and the body looseners. I’ve also added hot sea salt baths to the mix!


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