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Gratitude: The First Step

Written by Katherine Dreyer, Co-Founder of ChiRunning & ChiWalking
Founder of ChiLife Coaching

What a wonderful holiday Thanksgiving is – a time to stop and be grateful.

And gratitude is the best first step to reviewing the past year. Seeing the past year through the lens of gratitude gives you a clearer perspective of what your heart truly desires.

In your mind and heart, relive the goodness of the year and let it really sink in. There’s nothing better for your heart.

First, take a moment to feel into the energy of gratitude. It’s quite remarkable and very powerful.

As I sense into gratitude, I feel a sense of being humbled and at the same time an openness to receiving.

Gratitude softens my view of the world and adds a sense of joy.

What does it evoke in you?

I cannot recommend a gratitude journal highly enough.

It’s suggested so often it sounds sort of meaningless, but writing down what you’re grateful for is a proven, powerful technique to improve your quality of life and to manifest your desires.

The next step to review your year is to take a look at what was challenging and how you’d like to do better next year, but that step will come.

For now, bask in this time of gratitude and let it do its magic!

ChiLife Coaching adapts the principles use in ChiRunning and ChiWalking to bring positive change to your whole life.

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