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Meet Steve Mackel

Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor of the Month

Steve is an accomplished, full-time running and triathlon coach in South Pasadena, California who helps athletes at all levels develop both mentally and physically for endurance competitions.  

In 2005, Steve became a ChiRunning Instructor because he realized the power associated with mindful movement. He was just starting his triathlon and marathon coaching career and wanted to be able to offer something that other training systems didn’t have, ChiRunning. Teaching a running form that focused on the physical aspects of running, but more importantly, emphasized the importance of mindfulness was critical and life changing. 

“I made [ChiRunning a] part of my full-time job. It has taken me all over the United States and world, meeting people, running races, giving seminars and helping change many people’s lives. Becoming a ChiRunning Instructor offers so many rewarding experiences — it can literally change your life. I have had many of my students become ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instructors. Going through the instructor training doesn’t mean you have to become an instructor or coach.  You can also go through the training for a deeper understanding of your mind/body connection that is ChiRunning.”

Aside from being a Certified ChiRunning/ChiWalking® Instructor, Steve is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Personal Trainer, USA Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Coach, Certified Massage Therapist, FIST Bike Fitter, Lululemon Ambassador and Yoga teacher. 

If the possibility of becoming a ChiRunning or ChiWalking instructor appeals to you — even if you are new to the technique — click on this link to be notified of when our next ChiRunning and Chi Walking Instructor Training program is open for registration.

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