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Meet Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson in ChiRunning ballcap

Growing up in the rural outskirts of New York City, Sarah Richardson has always incorporated fitness into her life. Whether it was running on the beach or a trail, she developed a great love for the outdoors. Luckily for Sarah, she experienced very few injuries during her early running career. However, during an adventure race, she literally stumbled into a severe, acute ankle injury. That one incident led to more injuries which just sucked the fun out of running for her. The pain and frustration of not being able to run, eventually prompted Sarah to attend a clinic hosted by Danny Dreyer. That served as her first introduction to ChiRunning. 

“In order to figure [out why I was having so many issues running], I went to a ChiRunning clinic with Danny in Boston and before the end of the day, I was “cured.” I knew why my body was responding the way it was and experienced immediate relief and was able to get back to running! By the end of the day I was so happy and asked how I could teach it to other people because it was just BRILLIANT!!!”

She continues to find joy in her running, especially when she is teaching the ChiRunning technique. She loves helping fellow runners bounce back from injuries, in a safe and effective manner.  …And she learns from them as well! Like many ChiRunning instructors, she has had the wonderful opportunity to travel and share the ChiRunning concepts across the globe.

If the possibility of becoming a ChiRunning or ChiWalking instructor appeals to you — even if you are new to the technique — click on this link to be notified of when our next ChiRunning and Chi Walking Instructor Training program is open for registration.

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