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Thankful for an Inspirational Workshop

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop in Teddington, UK. It was a valuable opportunity for me to begin to put into practice what I’d read, and to get some advice from you and the ChiRunning Instructors present.

The next morning I went for a run with my husband in the pouring rain. As we ran along, getting steadily soaked, the things you said during the workshop poured out of me – I couldn’t stop talking. At the same time I was trying to put into practice the “C” shape and the lean, and to relax everything except my core. My husband immediately noticed a difference in how I looked. He also tried to use some of the techniques and then I could see how much more effortless his running became.

Neither of us could maintain form for long, but the way it felt when just a little piece fell into place, has motivated us to keep trying.

Thank your for an inspirational day, and for taking the time away from your family to travel so far to pass on your running wisdom.

Happy running.

Alison F

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