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Shaved 20 Minutes Off Run!

I just wanted to share with you how my first run with the metronome went! Wow, what insight into cadence and lean! Initially, I could not even get into the 180 cadence. And running up trails is not the way to experience the metronome and how lean affects stride length and cadence! So, I turned off the metronome as I climbed my favorite trail, then turned it back on again when I was on flat pavement. At the end of my 45 minute run I was able to hold cadence for a good 2-3 minutes on pavement with varying degrees of hill, up and down. It was very cool to feel how my lean affected my ability to keep in cadence. I’m so glad I bought the metronome. I really thought that I had cadence down, but I didn’t! It takes an extraordinary amount of concentrating on body sense to maintain the proper amount of lean so that stride length and cadence are appropriate. Not to mention all the other focuses that need work, too! No wonder Danny has built such detail into Gradual Progress and learning the focuses.

Yesterday, I did a long trail run that is about 1000′ of climb and shaved off about 20 minutes! Pelvic rotation on the uphills with improved arm swing made all the difference! I was flying in 3rd gear on the downhills with such ease that I was just laughing with joy! And, no soreness or knee pain today.

Every chance I get, I talk about ChiRunning… even to a stranger on my run yesterday. He was amazed that I almost passed him going up the mountain yesterday. When I invited him to run down the other side with me he begged off saying his knees couldn’t take the downhill. I pointed to my ChiRunning hat and told him that I was 20 years older than him and he should go check out the website.

Anyway, I’m sending in my $ today for the instructor course in June (with you).

Thanks for listening! And thanks again for being part of my breakthrough with my running! Happy trails.


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