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Running With Son Because of ChiRunning!

It’s now four weeks after the NYC ChiRunning workshop, and I’m thrilled with the results, and so glad I was able to do it. I took the course because I wanted to get back to running after several years off, having felt my body could not tolerate running any more for a variety of reasons. My son became a runner though, and a very good one (not quite 14 years old and just ran a 5k in 18.07) and I wanted to be able share running with him.

I started about 5 weeks before the workshop and was able to get to an uncomfortable 3 miles at a 12-minute/mile pace, repeatedly discouraged and pained by the hills on the course, and feeling pretty depleted at the end. Today, 4 weeks later, I ran 4.6 miles at a 10-minute pace I felt completely fine, and am anxious to add the next .4 to the route. Now, I barely notice the “hot spots” on the route, and today actually had what I will call a Jonathan Livingston Seagull moment (dating myself here! Hope you are old enough to know what I mean!) where I was aware of where I was at a certain point, and then went completely elsewhere in my mind, only “waking up” when I was quite a ways further along and had run up and beyond a hill that used to plague me every time!

Please tell Danny I am very grateful for his teaching!


Linda C

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