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Passion for ChiRunning


I just wanted to give some feedback after only beginning ChiRunning on January 4th. I read the book, and am currently re-reading it while waiting for my DVD that was just shipped. First I must say, I have never been so excited to run in my life. I have been running for more than 20 yrs, and have completed two marathons, the last of which was the LA marathon 5 yrs ago. Granted, I now realized I ran it without the proper form I am currently learning.  A year and a half ago, I tore my ACL playing tennis and subsequently had arthroscopic surgery. I gave up running for 6 months and began swimming to stay in shape, and discovered the Total Immersion Swimming, which I just realized has a lot of the same principles and philosophy as ChiRunning. I thought TI swimming was great, and I became a TI “snob” because I found myself looking at everyone’s wasteful energy while taking 26 strokes to cross the pool while it only took me 15 strokes in less time.

I guess that is why I’m so excited about ChiRunning because I know how great it felt to be so efficient in the pool and want that feeling in my runs as well. I gave up swimming because, although it was a great workout, I didn’t like being confined to the pool. I just love being outdoors and running wherever I want.  I am currently running about 4 miles a day and practicing the form focuses and can already tell it is making a difference. I am thinking about gradual process, so I know I will get better as I practice. I’m also thinking of taking a class in Austin to help in mastering the technique.

Please do me a favor and thank Danny for me for creating and developing this amazing program. I love to look at the science behind things, so the physics behind ChiRunning makes amazing sense!

My wife and I plan to run a marathon this fall and we are excited to use ChiRunning to help us along. We applied for NYC, so we are crossing our fingers we get chosen.

Thank you,
Arnol G.

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Husband and wife with a passion for ChiRunning

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