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Marathon Goal Met With ChiRunning

Hi Danny,

I had never in my life liked to run, but had felt the health benefits of when I did run.  Even though I didn’t like running, I always thought it was a great accomplishment for someone to complete a  mini-marathon or a marathon.  Before I bought your video and book in October of 2008, I had completed two mini-marathons but had walked most of the way and my best time was around 2hr 30min.

I bought your book to run a marathon in April 2009.  I bought your book because the ideas presented seemed simple and followed the path of natural laws, which I feel are always the best. Well, I built up to about a 12 mile base by April (I’m not very good at keeping a rigid training schedule), so I decided to just do the Geist half marathon in May.  I did great, ran the whole way and finished in 1hr 49 min.  Felt great, no pain except a blister on my left foot!

Well, then I quit running in July. Just didn’t make the time for it. I would think a lot about ChiRunning and your running principles, I just didn’t go out and run. But still, I wanted to complete a marathon by the time I turned 50 in November of 2010.

With this in the back of my mind, in January 2010 I entered the Kentucky Derby Marathon. The race was April 24. With eight weeks before the start of the race I still had not trained any. I didn’t know if I could do it. So the first two weeks I just worked on my diet of almost all raw fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts (with some cooked meats).  Then with six weeks to go, I started to run. I would walk some run some. I ran three times a week with a long run each week. One hour the first week, building up to four hours with two weeks to go.  I know this isn’t recommended in any manuals, but it felt right with me and I took my time walking and running, all the while practicing your techniques. I loved the legs drains and walking on gravel or marble for sore legs and feet.

Well, the the race was yesterday and I completed it in 4hr 33 min.  After 19 miles I was on pace to maybe break 4hr but my lack of training and the heat (around 75 and sunny) start taking its toll on me, so I walked a lot from mile 19 to 24. Not having ever gone this far I wanted to make sure I drank enough and finished. At mile 24 I just started thinking about Chi, and somehow, after about a half mile, nothing seemed to hurt any more. I was able to run my fasted at the end averaging 8:30 min mile for the last 1.5 miles!!!

I must say today,  a day after the race, I feel great. No leg pains, no knee pain, and no blisters. I’m going out now to walk the dogs for a few miles!!

Danny, THANK YOU for all your great advice, from the Chi, body looseners, body position, heels up, lean forward, land on your full foot, pre-race tips, and pre-race diet. They all worked together so I could have a great race on a very challenging day and course!! Without your book I never would have completed a marathon by my 50 birthday. Best of all, I feel I will be able to completely run a marathon later this year before my birthday.

Thanks again,


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