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Inspired by ChiRunning to Complete Twin Cities In-Motion 10K

At the age of 67, 30 lbs overweight, and not having run for 18 years, I just finished the Twin Cities in Motion 10K, running all the way, after following the ChiRunning Injury-Free 10K Technique-based Training Program.

Although I came in as the last woman, I felt great because my time was faster than I planned and I was pain free. Every time I had some kind of pain during training, I had adjusted my technique, and the pain went away.

Neither did I have any pain from the metal plate and 8 screws in my leg from the break that had stopped me 18 years ago. Did I mention I also had a heart attack 9 years ago? I have had no chest pain or angina and my blood pressure has improved since I started running again.

The picture is of me crossing the finish line with my 28 year old daughter, who stayed with me the whole time but actually walked as I ran.

I have both the ChiRunning and ChiWalking books as well as the video. I was introduced to the concept by a personal trainer who lent me the running video. After watching the video, I was hooked and inspired. I’ve already signed up for another 10K.

Jane W

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