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From 5 Miles With Pain to 100 Miles With Joy!

I started running 10 years ago, and in the middle of training for my second marathon I had to stop because I had developed shin splints so bad that I could hardly walk, let alone run. When I went to my doctor I was told that running was hard on my body and that “some people are just not supposed to run.” I believed him!

I gave up running for over 2 years. When I started running again in 2004 I still struggled with injuries. I invested thousands of dollars in expensive shoes, orthotics, massages, and knee braces. I still had pain and always had a limit to how far I could run. In the meantime I found out that not only did I have one leg longer than another, I had a crooked spine and a bone spur in one foot, I was a mess!

Three years ago a friend of mine had gone to a ChiRunning workshop and passed the info on to me. After reading the book and watching the DVD, I started to implement some of the lessons into my own running. I noticed improvement immediately!

Today, I teach ChiRunning in Appleton, Wisconsin and am amazed everyday at the affect it has on my client’s running technique. I am happy to report that not only have I been injury free for the last 3 years, I have now been able to complete several Ultramarathons. Next year I am competing in the Leadville 100, a 100 mile trail Run in Leadville Colorado. Just a few years ago I could not even run 5 miles without pain, now I am going for 100!

I cannot thank ChiRunning enough! It has changed my life and the lives of many of my clients! Running gives me joy, and thanks to ChiRunning, I can do what I love again!

Cassie K

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