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ChiRunning for Air Force Fitness Test

I have been a Chi Runner since 2006. I was forced into running because of the Air Force Fit test. I decided I needed to run outside to get a better run time. I was worried about getting hurt and then I found the ChiRunning book in a local bookstore. I read the book cover to cover and then read it again and again. I spent a year working on my form and perfecting my skills. ChiRunning changed my life and help me go from a 1.5 mile run to a Marathon in 4 years. It also has changed my life because running is my passion now. I run at least 6 miles every other day year round. I love to run hills and I just love to run. I have also introduced a lot of people to this style of running. This year I ran my first Marathon and I did my military fitness run in 9:08. My best time ever on a military fit test run. I am 38 and ran my first Marathon in 3:48 (Tacoma Marathon) and it was very hilly. I could not be the runner I am today without ChiRunning. I also have never been injured running. I currently have logged over 2,000 running miles since I started tracking it in June of 2007. Thanks ChiRunning!


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