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ChiRunner Experiences Truly Effortless Running

I wanted to share an experience that I recently had while running that I thought you might enjoy.

I was in the later miles of the run and was feeling a little tired. I found myself having to be more cognizant of my posture and then I took some breaths and connected inwards to Chi. I got the thought I was on one of those moving sidewalks (like in the airport), I pulled my core in and focused on just lifting my feet. I got the sense that I did not have to ‘work’, I just had to relax and let the world come to me. Instead of pushing myself forward, I just focused on lifting and lowering my legs, moving my arms to the beat of the metronome (which became the rhythm of life) and holding my core (my center/peace). Universe/chi took care of the rest and moved me forward. Things came to me, I didn’t move to them.

It was beautiful and I was so grateful for the experience.

Thank You,


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