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November 2019 Instructor of the Month: Constanza Lisdero

Constanza Lisdero ChiRunning & ChiWalking Certified Master Instructor

Tell us a little about you. Where you live, what your background is. What (if) you do in addition to being a Certified Instructor.

My name is Constanza Lisdero and I live in Basel, Switzerland. In my “previous life”, I was a scientist with a PhD in Biology. I am a mother of 3 small kids, 2 cats, a dog, and a husband. I am a full-time mom, plus Running Coach and ChiRunning Instructor.

How did you start running?
I didn’t like running when I was a kid or a young adult. I was always active though, sailing, hiking, rock- climbing, biking. I understood running as a warm-up for whatever exercise I was doing in the gym, always in the treadmill and no more than 30min. More and I would fall apart. I thought humans were divided into runners and non-runners and I was the latter. I came to running from swimming, which also I could not do without feeling I was drowning… But there it was obvious to me that it was because I had never learned it properly… I took swimming lessons and became a competitive swimmer. Having learned how to swim made me wonder if I could also learn how to run. I googled “good running mechanics” and stumbled upon ChiRunning. Three days later I was attending my first workshop. I practiced, learned and it changed my life. Now I want to change other people’s lives too.

In what ways has Chi changed your perception of and success in running?
I learned how to run, I learned that running is not about effort, I can run easy for the longest time. I never thought I could run more than 5k! And today I have done 2 marathons and several 1/2s.

What do you think is the biggest misconception of ChiRunning?
We are all runners, whether experienced or beginners, we can all learn how to do it easier.

What motivates you to run?
Teaching people how to run without effort and helping them enjoy every run.

What achievements are you most proud of?
Coaching women beginner runners to run their 1st. 1/2 marathon. One of my clients said that the ChiRunning based coaching program was the best thing that had happened to her in her life. I am proud of being able to inspire people to run the right way.

What led you to become an Instructor?
I want to help others run easy and pain-free. I want to improve people’s lives through movement, walking and running. I want to spread the good run.

Why do you enjoy being an Instructor, and how has it affected your life?
I am a full-time ChiRunning Instructor and Coach. It has given me endless possibilities to meet people where they are and help them reach their running goals. I love to inspire people to go beyond their dreams.

What does your average week look like, run-wise?
Group runs 4 times per week average of 6km each, Saturdays 2 Group Coaching
for Women training for their first races, average 25km.

What other forms of exercise do you practice to compliment ChiRunning?
Walking, Swimming and biking.

Advice for people new to ChiRunning?
Be patient, practice and enjoy. To learn something new you have to do it slowly.

Short answer! Okay, GO.

Favorite race you’ve run and why: Basler Stadtlauf 5.5km. It is a night race in the center of Basel that opens the Xmas season. Running under the decorated city is amazing.

Most memorable race: My first full marathon, Berlin 2016. Wow…

Ideal weather for running: Fresh and dry

Focus that currently dominates your running: Training slow to run better and race fast.

Favorite place to run: The fields and forests around my house

Go-to before race food: Dates

Celebratory food after: Whatever I can get fast.

Upcoming race/goal: Another full Marathon in 2020 (Berlin?, Jungfrau?)

Run with or without phone/music: Without phone or music. The metronome is my best friend

Repeat on your playlist: When with the phone….Shuffle through Danny´s ChiRunning School Lessons.

If I didn’t run I would walk.

I can’t run without peace of mind.

My first race was 5k in Lexington MA and I was happy as can be.

My current favorite shoe to run in is Altra Escalante.

My most difficult run ever was my first full marathon.

I’ve ran 2 full, 4 1/2s, many 5ks, a few 10ks, marathons/races.

The longest distance I’ve ran 42.195. Where? Berlin and Luzern

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