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Meet Jeff Carnivale

Jeff Carnivale running with partner

As someone who grew up playing team sports, Jeff always found running to be a punishment. It was not until he was in his 30’s that he was convinced to try it as a “fun” activity. At the time, he was coaching cyclists for a century ride, teaching Pilates, as well as personal training a few clients. Even with a knowledge in fitness he was surprised how much practice it took for running to become easy and pain-free.

“At that point, I was motivated to become a ChiRunning instructor in order to dig deeper for both myself and my clients. I wanted to help them train smarter and recover faster.” 

Today, posture, proprioception, and efficient movement are the cornerstones of all his fitness and wellness teachings from kids to seniors.

Over the past 20 years Jeff has trained dozens of running instructors and coached hundreds of athletes to success through a holistic look at health, fitness, & running. Some of his clients have included:

Shane Benzie – Running Reborn Founder Author of “The Lost Art of Running “ and world traveling running coach and researcher, Erin (Sutton) Scott Winner 2012 Nashville Country music marathon and ultra-runner, and Will Rivera – Owner & Coach at Running Soles and a nationally ranked ultra-runner who has won distances from marathon to 100 miles.

If the possibility of becoming a ChiRunning or ChiWalking instructor appeals to you — even if you are new to the technique — click on this link to be notified of when our next ChiRunning and Chi Walking Instructor Training program is open for registration.

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