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May 2019 Instructor of the Month: Harrison Wong

Harrison Wong, instructor

Tell us a little about you. Where you live, what your background is. What (if) you do in addition to being a Certified Instructor.

I am a Canadian Chinese living in Hong Kong, a triathlete and marathoner. I used to operate a garment manufacturing/exporting business for 20 years, when I met ChiRunning in 2013, beside the transformation of my running experience and lifestyles, this brought me the opportunity to let me grew passionately my interest into a career. I am the regional director of the Asia Pacific region to spread ChiRunning/ChiWalking in my region.

How did you start running?
I started running in early 30s since I was alerted by my poor health condition caused by my lifestyle working as a frequently-travel businessman.

When and how did ChiRunning come into your life?
In 2013, ChiRunning was introduced to me by a swimmer in my training group of Total Immersion®, I was then marveled by this revolutionary running technique! I found myself benefiting from ChiRunning immediately in my running and triathlon races: no more fatigue, no more pain, and a much better result under the same effort level.

In what ways has Chi changed your perception of and success in running?
ChiRunning brought me performance and efficiency in my sports, running is no longer pain and exhausted, especially in my Ironman race – the run after the bike leg. By the way, practice through focus on breathing, through Y’Chi, I started to grasp the key of running meditation, and amazingly, a few months after I started ChiRunning, I built up my body-senses and have my spine alignment and posture alerted most of the time no matter I was sitting, standing, walking or running, I could do meditation with crossed-legged for hours which I couldn’t do it before. I also found that when my body has reached the moment of “cooperate with nature forces, return to innocence” and mastered the mind-body connection, running is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. There is a more profound philosophy in that.

What do you think is the biggest misconception of ChiRunning?
Many people think ChiRunning is for slow runner and jogger since we emphasis the Relaxation. But not until they truly understand our revolutionary training way: Form, Distance, Speed in gradual progress – the correct form is built to create a good condition for speed to happen.

What motivates you to run?
The joy, and the health benefits.

What achievements are you most proud of?
Becoming a Master Instructor.

What led you to become an instructor?
I believe in “The best things in life must be shared with others!”

Why do you enjoy being an Instructor, and how has it affected your life?
“Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning.”, I found that the more I share this techniques with others, my understanding of Chi-principles gets deeper; It is my honor to shoulder the responsibility of spreading ChiRunning in the Greater China Region. (Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese internal martial art)

What does your average week look like, run-wise?
Running 5-6 days per week, road running for an hour or two on weekdays, longer trail running on weekends, speed workout on track bi-weekly if a target race is being set.

What other forms of exercise do you practice to compliment ChiRunning?
Swimming and Cycling

Advice for people new to ChiRunning?
If you want to run fast, first master how to run slow.

Short answer! Okay, GO.

Favorite race you’ve run and why: My first Ironman Race after I approached ChiRunning, because I can really “Run” even after the bike leg.

Most memorable race: Same

Ideal weather for running: I run in extreme weathers, extremely hot weather in tropical to extremely cold -30C(-22F) in Canada

Focus that currently dominates your running: Knees bending to maintain a condition for circular strides

Favorite place to run: Seashores

Go-to before race food: Light sandwiches and yogurt

Celebratory food after: Spaghetti Bolognese,coca cola, Iced lemon tea.

Upcoming race/goal: Ironman Asia Pacific Championship

Run with or without phone/music: Without

Repeat on your playlist: no

If I didn’t run I’d swim.

I can’t run without I don’t need anything particular but a pair of running shoes.

My first race was a 5km run in a triathlon and I was fatigued with cramps

My current favorite shoe to run in is Altra.

My most difficult run ever was a 21km in my first half ironman.

I’ve ran over 100 marathons/races.

The longest distance I’ve ran 50km in Hong Kong.


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