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Total ChiRunning Evangelist

I’ve been a ChiRunner for about 5 years. I’m 51 and in the video below, I was finishing Saturday’s AVL Hot Chocolate 5k with my 10 year-old running buddy. Her dad took it as we passed him and when he reviewed it later he was flabbergasted by our perfectly-synchronized strides. We run with my metronome, and my 93 bpm cadence is a great match to her little legs! It was an uphill finish and we were sprinting it out. My young running buddy’s name is Emma, of Burnsville, NC. I’m a total ChiRunning evangelist. I started with a great 1/2 day class years ago and I’m hoping to catch Danny’s AVL workshop on May.

Thanks for making a runner out of me.

Kat D

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Kat D

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