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Returning Runner With ChiRunning

Well, I’m almost 54. Although I ran some during my 20s and partially my 30s I can not say that my late years have been healthy at all. But this year (2010) since Jan 1st, I started running. I thought it was going to be easier. It wasn’t at all. I ran from one injury into another. I had to go to physical rehabilitation and to the hospital.

I knew I was running incorrectly, so I did some research and fortunately, found ChiRunning. Indeed, Danny, God Bless you! All pain just disappeared. This really works. I am now running 35 kilometers per week (last eastern I was in physical therapy). My weekly LSD is about 12K and I am doing speed intervals (7 x 400 mts) once a week. All this without injuries.

I know that for many of you this may seem very little, but for me this is just the beginning of a new life, and, the best of it is I am convinced that with this approach nothing will stop me now. So, thanks so much.

Luis A P

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Luis AP

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