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ChiRunning Worked Its Magic

Hey Danny!

ChiRunning has helped me for running in the sand ! When I ran Trans 333 in Niger last November, the majority of the race was in fairly deep sand. The hook with that race was that it was “non-stop”. The distance was 206 miles or 333 kms.  Therefore, you had to be efficient to be competitive.  Your ChiRunning techniques helped me to secure 3rd place- after 60 hours of running in sandstorms, dunes and mountains.

The same held true for Marathon Des Sables and this recent Sahara Race. I was able to keep my legs fresh with ChiRunning.

Incidentally, when I ran the Yukon Arctic Ultra which as you guessed was in snow, ChiRunning worked it’s magic there, too !

Thanks so much for an awesome concept ! Cheers

Ray Zahab

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