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A Patient and Joyful ChiRunner

I’ve been trying Chi running for about 6 weeks now … biggest thing I am experiencing is MUCH less effort! Have been trying different shoes to experiment with how well they work for the more natural, barefoot feeling. I am liking the new Green Silence shoe from Brooks. Also trying their older model # 5 of the T racer. Both are great. Have to get your feet used to less support … go gradual.

Also ran on the beach on spring break and had a great 2 hour run using the ChiRunning method and found it to be excellent for just gliding over the sand … never got out of breath! It takes time to get your body used to the new ways but it is very worth it. I feel my lungs work better with the deeper breathing, my back feels great and getting more and more flexible, and my legs are happy.

I will update later after more time passes and I have more runs. It takes time to teach yourself, both mind and body, the method but it does come and it is worth the wait! I have easier times and less easy times doing ChiRunning, but I try to be kind to myself and look at the big picture … and celebrate little victories!

Janet K

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