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A Chi Running Believer

Let me provide a little back-story. In a matter of twelve months spanning 2004-2005, I started a new career, bought a house, and became a father. All that new stress not only added 25 lbs to my normally fit physique, but I felt it take a toll on my mental well being. I had run in the past, though IT problems in college put an end to that habit which I did not really enjoy in the first place. So in 2007, I began running again, pushed hard, and promptly injured myself after about three months. After a six month layoff, I tried once more, and made it just over four months before the painful piriformis syndrome sidelined me again. It was Christmas 2008 when a family member introduced me to ChiRunning. I thought it sounded silly. But I was desperate.

I ran 150 and 250 miles, respectively, through my injury plagued years of 2007 and 2008, completing a fraction of the races I had hoped to run. With the help of ChiRunning, and a renewed focus on my breathing, posture, and mechanics, I ran over 600 miles in 2009 and even won a year-end age group award in my local running club’s annual racing series. In 2010, I’ve set PRs in every distance from the 5K to the Half Marathon and will cover 850 miles! Most importantly, every step has been enjoyable and injury-free! I have gone from struggling through a 10K in an hour, to racing a 47:07 this Fall, something I never thought possible. I’ve also finally admitted to my wife I have an addiction…the long run. If I don’t knock out 8-12 miles on a Saturday morning, my weekend won’t feel complete. A big thank you to Danny and ChiRunning! Two years later, I’m a true believer.

Matt C

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