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RUNhabx presents ChiWalking / ChiRunning performance technique & training workshop

Joel Matalon

master instructor

Joel Matalon

10/01/2023 | 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Central Park


Connect with Joel Matalon

Be better, stronger, faster in the next race.

All participants will receive a workout plan with ChiRunning practices.

The ChiWalking™ and ChiRunning™ techniques apply principles from Tai Chi to distance running and walking promoting energy efficiency and injury prevention. How you run/walk dictates how stress goes through your body.

These techniques:
– reduce stress on your body and require less effort when walking or running
– are essential components to restore or sustain your running/walking practice

Our clinic will cover:

Tai essential movements
– Posture, arm swing, ankle lift and moving from your Center
– How to run without using your legs for propulsion
– Cadence

Practicing the key steps of ChiWalking/ ChiRunning
– Matching breath with cadence relative to exertion level
– How to master pelvic rotation
– How to breathe more efficiently
– Use of Y’chi
– Adapting your technique for uphills and downhills
– How to structure a variety of weekly runs using ChiRunning principles
– How to do Race-specific training for better performance.

The clinic consists of experiential discussion, demonstration and technical running/walking making it perfect for individuals of all conditioning and experience levels.

If you need to cancel, please email at least 24 hours before event start time.  You will be issued a credit minus a $25.00 administrative fee.  Credits can be used for future workshops or other Joe Fitness World services.  Your credit will expire on 10/8/24.

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