Join Us at The Run Show 2023!

February 4th-5th, 2023
Boston, MA

Join us at the biggest and best community meet-up for runners around the world. The Show will host inspirational speakers, cutting-edge technology and a host of tasty nutritional products. The Show is for every runner, no matter how far or fast you go, who loves to run – if you take one step then you’re a runner. 

The Run Show in Boston will be February 4th-5th. ChiRunning will have a booth as well as ChiRunning Clinics and “Tune-up Sessions” (see more info below). 

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ChiRunning Clinic

New to ChiRunning, join us for a Run Show Clinic. Learn the basic components of the Chi Running technique. ChiRunning is designed to improve your running performance while reducing your chance of injury and increasing your energy efficiency. The result is confidence, speed, and distance with less effort. 

This 1.75-hour clinic will cover the basic components of ChiRunning to help you move across every finish line. 



Maryann Roefaro ChiRunning ChiWalking Certified Senior Instructor

Chi Tune-up Session

The ChiRunning Tune-Up is perfect for ChiRunners of all abilities. Revisit form focuses of the Chi Running technique. ChiRunning is a practice designed to improve your running performance. Like all practices, at times a refresher is needed. 

This 45 minute Tune-Up is designed to review the basic components of the ChiRunning technique.