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Carol Bilek

certified instructor

Certified since November 2023

Carol Bilek

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Connect with Carol

Hello. I am Carol Bilek. My husband Ron and I have raised 2 sons and lived in our West Chester.PA home since 1980. My working career took several paths– teaching,advertising, consulting and in 1988 back to teaching. The common thread through all these experiences has been teaching others.


In 2010 I retired from the PA Public School system after 26 years as a special education teacher in the Lower Merion School District.


In 2012 I became one of the firs Whole Woman practitioners trained and certified by Christine Kent.


Most recently I became a Chi Walking Instructor. I became familiar with Chi Walking many years ago while dealing with some health issues of my own. I thought my walking days were over. Chi Walking opened a new pathway for me. My health improved and I am able to walk daily.


I would like to teach people, young and old the benefits of this practice. I am hoping to have private clients, small group events, and maybe even help set up some Chi Walking clubs in my area. Learning Chi Walking has greatly improved my life and my intent is to teach others to learn Chi Walking so they too can be life long walkers, achieving new levels of fitness and health.


Available: private lessons, small groups





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