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Teresa Seibel

certified instructor

Certified since February 2021

Teresa Seibel

instructor map marker British Columbia

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Serving Burnaby, Kamloops, Victoria

The Tri Balance mission is to ensure every athlete enjoys the process of continuously improving techniques in the swim, bike, and run while encouraging life balance through a growth mindset.

Teresa will coach you to train for a lifetime of Triathlons.  Beyond 40, beyond injury, and especially when you are learning to swim, bike, and run.  In every coaching session, she empathizes with the struggles of her clients while showing them the efficient way to exercise. She loves to share in the ecstatic, enlightened moments of her client’s experience. She strives to achieve work-family-life balance and coaches with this in mind.

She can help you achieve your goals that relate to competing in triathlons or simply getting into better shape. Her enthusiasm for these sports is contagious and her energy is infectious!

Inspiration – Instruction – Motivation

LOVE training for a triathlon

Tri Balance – Where fear and courage meet

Your tribe of friends serves you with empathy, compassion, and kindness.


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