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Serdar Toktamis

certified instructor

Certified since October 2021

Serdar Toktamis

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Connect with Serdar

Use Your Energy Efficiently & Learn to Run Painless & Injury Free

Serdar lives in Istanbul – Turkiye, since early 60’s, Serdar has always been intertwined with sports in various branches, both as amateur and professional, and sports have always been an important part of his life. Tennis, swimming, basketball, golf, sailing, cross-fit, scuba diving, raquetball and of course running. Apart from active sports, running has become an important part of his life, starting first as an enthusiast in the 90s and passionate since meeting ChiRunning in 2017. Serdar started to work on trainer certification in this regard at the end of 2020, successfully completed the ChiRunning – ChiWalking instructor process in 2021, after an intensive training and study that lasted for about close to a year. Serdar is Turkey’s first and only CRCW certified trainer, has undertaken the duty of CRCW ambassador in Turkey with this knowledge and experience that he acquired.

When was asked Serdar`s view on how ChiRunning changed his perception of running and his answer is: “ChiRunning is constantly improving and changing my relationship with running in a positive way. After each run, I learn new things from myself and from everyone I run with and even chat with. The most important thing that CRCW has added to me is “The trait was there is no limit or end to learn”. It made me realize that we make the biggest mistake by continuing to live with (and not trying to change) our mistakes that we think are right. I have experienced how learning and change make things easier.

Serdar aims to continue to run in an elegant, rhythmic, healthy and energetic in his later years with the ChiRunning technique.

If you are interested and want to learn about ChiRunning – ChiWalking techniques, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time and any day for information.

I do look forward to have you part of the ChiRunning – ChiWalking family.




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