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Sadhna Maroo

certified instructor

Certified since October 2013

Sadhna Maroo

instructor map marker Western Australia

Connect with Sadhna

I started my sporting life playing badminton, squash, table-tennis and now tennis and golf. Running came relatively late into my life but better late than never!

I have Indian heritage and was born in Nairobi, Kenya – yes, the home of numerous distance and marathon winners and runners! I, too wish I could run like those super-efficient runners, but it’s not in my blood! However, the closest I came to or my claim was when I represented the country at playing table-tennis at the All-Africa Games; the Commonwealth Games and the World Games! For a few years I was a table-tennis coach for primary school kids. After completing University education in England, I migrated to Perth, W Australia.

A few years ago, I ran my first half marathon. Have subsequently run a few more. I have been running 5 to 8 to 10 Km on a daily basis in beautiful Perth.

Whilst nursing a plantar fasciitis on my right foot, I stumbled upon an article about ChiRunning and started following it. At the earliest opportunity I attended a workshop in San Francisco with Chris Griffin (one of the founders with Danny!)on my visit to the US. I was quite keen to do the Instructor Training after that but felt I needed to work more on my own technique. Subsequently, I participated in Chiweek with Danny Dreyer and the ChiLiving Team in Asheville, NC!

Soon after I was fortunate enough to attend the Instructor Training in Singapore with Mary Lindahl and Loreen Ozolin. Have also helped at Instructor Training with Danny Dreyer in Hong Kong. I am thoroughly enjoying what I have learnt from the courses. Now enjoy teaching students in all age groups.. The pleasure is mine when the students have Aha moments!!

Recently I have been involved with Park Runs – which are a 5K run that take place on a Saturday morning at various locations around the world! They are free and run entirely by volunteers!

Running, for me is like brushing my teeth daily and it’s a practice – what better when you can run injury-free and with relative ease and efficiently! I want to run for the rest of my life and I think I can achieve it by using CR technique!

My running is constantly improving and not only does it aid my other sports like tennis and golf but also my general well-being! Prior to becoming a runner I was a little bit sluggish in the various sports I participated in. As a runner, my fitness and stamina have improved tremendously and what a difference it makes! Again, pre-running, keeping my weight under control was a challenge. But now I don’t even have to think about it!!

With running, I find all I need is a pair of running shoes and I can run anywhere in the world like beautiful Perth; streets of any city: London’ Madrid, Nairobi, Mumbai, NYC, Toronto, Barcelona, Rome; the Grand Canyon; Yosemite, etc  I don’t need any other equipment, courts, courses or a partner or players! And, with the right technique….the world is my oyster!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner and would like to run efficiently and injury-free, please contact me. One-on-one or group sessions and workshops are the way to go………Happy chi-running and chi-walking!

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