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Certified since March 2023

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I started running and racing in my fifties in Vancouver, British Columbia. It did not take long for me to injure myself. I strained my piriformis in a friendly race to the finish by catching my toe on a patio stone….how embarassing! I tried everything; physio, chiro, IMS, accupuncture, massage…. It wasn’t until I came across Danny Dreyer and ChiRunning that I was able to get the pain under control. His approach to mindful running through alignment and relaxation got me back on the road again. Now, if I feel a twinge back there, I know I am out of allignment or a “tight ass”! (No tight asses in ChiRunning). I was hooked. I had to pass this on to others and became a ChiWalking and ChiRunning Instructor. Come run with me on beautiful Salt Spring Island. We will run miles of trails and country roads along the ocean, truly an unforgetable experience. Learn to run pain-free and with less effort. Your joy of running will naturally increase and will become a lifelong practice.

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