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Max (Maxine) Logan

certified instructor

Certified since December 2020

Max (Maxine) Logan

instructor map marker Massachusetts

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I am excited to be working as a Chi Instructor! I first became acquainted with the Chi Movements as I ran one of my first marathons in Asheville. It was here that Danny introduced me to the Chi style of walking and running. I had just begun participating in marathon events earlier that year. Although I felt fine, I did worry about injury, since so many marathon participants complained of injury. Danny introduced me to a safer way and I have been injury free ever since. My goals are to always do my personal best. I would love to help you achieve yours, be safe and have fun! Best Wishes Always, Max

I couldn’t believe how light on my feet I felt after learning the technique. Before as a triathlete, my least favorite thing was running, especially being a big guy. I always finished feeling tired, I hated it. Now, I love it, no longer do I dread running thanks to ChiRunning.


Marcus M.

I was once a power walker who pounded the ground and my body. During long walks my back would ache and my IT and hip would be so sore. But after learning ChiWalking I don’t have any of those pains. I feel like I could go on forever. This is something I can do even into my senior years without the fear of injury and exhaustion I once experienced.

Gloria P.

During my last competitive race, I really felt the effects in my knees and back. I thought I would have to stop participating in races and even my workouts. But after learning the posture of ChiWalking and ChiRunning, I no longer feel the aching in my knees and back. I have learned how not to lead with my legs and strike with my heels. All during the day I practice my Chi Posture and it is really making a difference in how I am not engaging my core throughout the day. I am a stronger runner without the fear of injury that I used to have.

Michele W.

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