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Certified since January 2010

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Connect with Marie

In 2005, doctors told Marie (a recreational runner at the time) that she would never run again due to a massive injury resulting in a broken hip and torn hamstring.  She refused to let that become her reality. After months of searching for a solution that would allow her to run again, Marie found a copy of ChiRunning. Through consistent practice of the techniques, Marie was able to return to running as a stronger, faster athlete.

She went on to become a Certified Chi Running Instructor in 2010, and run 60+ half-marathons, 13 full marathons and over 150 other races of varied distances since discovering Chi Running.  She is also a competitive body builder, with 3 podium wins and a certified yoga and flexibility/mobility teacher.  80% of her athletic success she credits to great nutrition, which inspired her to become a certified nutritionist. While she specializes in sports nutrition, a large part of her work centers on stress management through nutrition and movement.


Focus your mind, strengthen your core, energize your life but above all, run your own race.

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